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About The Show

Meet the next generation of music.

BarzLive Bands is about taking chances, growth, mentorship, and pursuing your dreams. These contestants will be performing every week for 10 weeks in a variety of categories designed to bring a depth and breadth to their shows not commonly seen. The coaches, Ryan Sabate and Bub Pratt, each have a lifetime of musical experience both on stage and in the studio and will be guiding their bands through the challenge. The enigmatic host, Sister Sauce, is radio DJ and social media personality who will guide the audience through a fun filled experience. Which Bands will make it through all 10 episodes? Which band is your favorite? Who will win the cash prize? Watch the past episodes below and find out!



Promo Challenge

Past Episodes

Episode 1 is June 1st!


Round Scoring

The winner of each round is determined by either 1) the rules of the round (i.e. some might have an elimination feature that does not require audience determination or 2) a combination of the in house audience (measured via a decibel meter) and the Live audience (measured via an online survey form).

Final Grand Prize

Every band receives points as decided by the audience for their performance. These points not only determine the winner of a particular episode but their cumulative points total determines the winner of the Cash Prize Pot!

The Promo Challenge

Please promote both the show and our sponsors. Throughout the season we will calculate the qualified promo posts for each team and give status updates but the final number at the beginning of the last episode is what will determine the winner.
The posts can be made by you, your coach, your fans, really anyone but they must be qualified posts. In order to qualify the post must include #barzlive and # The winner of the promo challenge will receive time in the recording studio necessary to create a single. The band will retain full ownership of their single.

Meet the Contestants!

Warren Weston

Warren Weston

All we know is that this man literaly lost a pinky to a broken pinky promise.

Brod Rob

Brod Rob

Brod Rob is an artist whose styles are excitingly ariend and truely "Brod". He has spent many years honing his mix of Rock, Punk, Reggase, and electronic music into one distinct unique sound and has graced stages across the USA from small dive bars to large music festivals. While professionally trained in the studio, Rob's live show is where his true nature is best seen.

Red Road Ramblers

Red Road Ramblers

Tonight, coming straight from you to the bar at the end of the galaxy – THE RED ROAD RAMBLERS! This “cheugy” band from the multi-verse left their home world on Rigel-7 as teenagers only to arrive , (due to “Einstein’s Time Dilation Theory”), as seasoned veterans. First, on guitar and vocals, fresh out of the Hyperion Cloning Vats, Rob Jobe – a passionate pineapple pirate and farmer. Next, on bass and vocals, rarely emerging from his strategically ambiguous bunker, Lynn Richardson, owner of Ola’a Banana Farms.
Lastly, on drums and vocals, still recovering from a recent alien abduction, David Woodward, who claims to be just a simple “beat” farmer. So now, let me introduce to you, for one night only, unless you are standing next to a black hole,



Driftwood is an evolving band with no limits to its rhythm and a goal to perfect love through a melody.



Born in Honduras, Raised in Greece and moved to Hawaii six months ago. Eleni is also new to performing. She is here to live life to it's fullest, Eleni is excited to share her passion and culture as the weeks progress. Music is Love and Love is Healing. Aloha!



DooIt is a band from Puna Hawaii. Dave Ewing on Drums, Pony on Bass, and Wendy Hays on Lead Guitar and Vocals. They play a variety of Classic Rock Tunes from all eras. They have an upbeat fun theme to their shows and love what they do and it shows. They all have many years of experience playing music and sending positive vibes for an awesome experience. P.S. Wendy runs an animal shelter and has kittens available.


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